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home recording project

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Hey All,

I have decided to record my four piece rock band in a home studio environment with yours truly playing bass. The guys in my band have been discussing the prospect of recording our tunes for quite some time now, and we finally decided to make some time to do it. We chose to do the recording at my house instead of using a studio so that we could take our time with the project and not have to worry about an expensive hourly rate at a professional studio. After all this is Home Recording Hub, right?

I have enlisted the help of Ron and some of his fine equipment to help with the tracking process. We are recrding with whatever mics we can beg borrow or steal – through his 24 channel 8 bus Mackie board into a 24 track Alesis ADAT hard disk recorder… and no we did NOT really steal any micsĀ  for this project:)

The goal is to get everything down on the Alesis, then transfer the files to my MacBook Pro and I will mix the project in Apple’s Logic Pro.

Hopefully I will have the time to keep you updated on the progress as the project goes fourth. If I can, I will try to provide you with pictures and video of the set up as well as sample audio tracks. We’ll see how close we can get to pro studio results with a little creativity and careful testing and listening.