Monday November 16

Wow! It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Stuff has been happening but it seems like a lot time lapses between events. All our schedules have been crazy. KC was called in to work several weekends in a row due to the GA flooding during a time we had scheduled to do his lead tracks, I’ve been on vacation twice since the last entry, and Ron and I have both been out of town on business a few times, and you know, life happens –  beautiful fall days for being outside instead of inside – you know how that works… Sometime back in August we put down the basic tracks. It took a couple of sessions, they went well enough, but there were a few hiccups that we needed to address in an overdub session.

Here are a couple of track excerpts from that session:

Spooky Tooth (cover)

Talk Talk

In October we finally got to doing the lead guitar tracks, and some second guitar parts. The first session didn’t go so well, and we decided to scrap those tracks and have a do over. During the do over session KC brought a different guitar (a 335) for some different texture. Things felt more relaxed and went smoother at this point. We didn’t get to all of the songs, so we needed to have another session. The next session we had Keith (the vocalist) come over to lay down some scratch vocal tracks so we had a better idea for the leads to come in and out for the remainder of the songs. And finally in yet another session KC finished up the lead tracks.

Here is an excerpt from the first lead session:

Lou Reed (cover)

Now all we have left is for me to do some bass overdubs, where I had some mistakes, and then we’ll finish the tracking process with the vocal sessions. Sometime this week Keith is coming over to do some of the tracks. During the scratch take, we realized quickly that we need a reverb unit to put on his voice while tracking. Having a wet effect on there tends to give him more confidence, and I can totally relate. Only once did I ever do my own vocal for a song, and I definitely needed something on my voice to get through the tracking process. And NO you will never hear that song, it was quite embarrassing, reverb and all.

Keith plans to pick up a NanoVerb to bring to the session. Ron and I will have to figure out the best way to use the NanoVerb as an effect for monitoring only while recording the signal to disk dry. I want the recorded vocal dry so I can start fresh in the mixing process. Again the beauty of digital recording is the non destructive editing process. You don’t have to commit to anything. You can experiment and change things, and that I am sure we will be doing.

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