Tuesday November 17

Keith came over to start the vocal sessions. He brought a Digitech vocal processor of some sort to use for monitoring. I guess he couldn’t find the NanoVerb in stock at the local music store. We worked through as many songs as we could before his voice gave out. For each song we did several takes knowing that we could pick and choose in the post process. We used Keith’s Blue Bluebird condenser mic on his voice. This is a great mic for a great price, sturdy and well made, and comes with the shock mount and pop filter. I have not had a chance to try it out on other sources yet, but I look forward to trying it on some guitar cabs. I have read that this mic is fairly versatile, and as with all the Blue mics, it just looks cool.

Compared to the vocal scratch tracks we did with the Shure Sm58, the Bluebird was an amazing improvement in sound quality, but then again I think most condensers sound better than dynamic mics.

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